Barber Wilsons

Dedicated Barber Wilsons Retailer For Over 10 Years 

Barber Wilsons are a distinctly British company who make traditional brassware. Proud possessors of Queen Elizebeth II’s Royal Warrant, the only plumbing suppliers to hold the honour, our work can also be found in top hotels including London’s Claridges, The Savoy, The Dorchester, The Connaught , Whites, Raffles, London Four Seasons and The Hyatt Carlton.

While the exteriors of Barber Wilson products are distinctly traditional and made in the traditional way – hand machined and hand polished in our London factory, all to commercial standards of durability, The interiors are state of the art. We create beautiful, classic, timeless design with state of the art functionality. We prefer to be revolutionary on the inside.

Barber Wilsons is a company run by engineers, not sales people. Once you feel a Barber Wilson tap in your hand that you appreciate its true qualities. Barber Wilson's make taps that don’t come back for customers who do.

Please feel free to contact us and speak to one of our experienced members of staff on if you need help configuring a Barber Wilsons product or require an item which is not listed on 01922 457151.

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