Bathroom Shower Buyers Guide

Whether you are looking to create a luxurious period bathroom or sleek contemporary style bathroom the technology of today offers a more extensive range of bathroom showers than ever before. From economical electric showers, power showers, mixer showers and through to remote controlled digital showers and tower showers.

Before choosing your shower we recommend you establish what type of water pressure system you have, seeking professional help may make the selection of a suitable shower easier. We always recommend your chosen shower is installed by an experienced plumber.

The types of water system are as follows

Gravity Systems

Use a cold water tank normally located in the roof space of the property together with a hot water cylinder. Gravity systems can produce low water pressure systems, dependant on the distance from your shower head to the cold water tank. Low water pressure systems can be aided by the addition of a shower pump.

Combi Systems

Combi boilers use cold water supplied from the mains and heat water as it is required. As the water being used is direct from the mains supply the pressure is usually fairly high, allowing a wide range of shower choice.

Unvented Pressure System

An unvented pressure system uses pressurised water feed into a main cylinder. The water is then heated by an immersion heater or boiler under high pressure allowing large volumes of hot water to be supplied.

Our comprehensive guide outlines the different types of showers available.

 Electric Showers                                             

Operate by connecting the shower unit to a cold water supply and heat the water as it passes through the shower unit making them more economical to use. The power of electric showers is generally between 8.5kW and 10.5kW, the higher the kW value the more powerful the shower. Thermostatic electric showers help reduce the problem of increased water temperature when the cold water supply is used elsewhere in the property.

Power Showers

Designed to work with gravity fed or low pressure water system. Combines water from hot and cold water supplies and uses a built in pump to strengthen the water flow and provide an invigorating shower. Also provides good control over the temperature and pressure. Power showers use more water than electric showers, a consideration if your property has a water meter.                                                                                

Mixer Showers

Mixer showers combine hot and cold water supplies so a combi boiler or immersion heater is needed to provide ready heated water. Always check your chosen mixer works with your water pressure system. Some mixers are designed to use with any system whilst others are for either a high or low pressure system. If your home has a low pressure system you could consider buying a separate shower pump to increase the flow. Some mixers have the valves concealed in the wall giving them a streamlined look. Thermostatic shower mixers do a better job of regulating the water temperature and some have an automatic cut out feature should the water rise above a certain temperature, making them ideal for young children and the elderly.

Digital Showers

Digital showers are the latest innovation in shower design and technology. Some have a separate wireless control unit gives you complete control

over both temperature and water flow. Allowing you to programme the shower to your own personal preferences. Other features offered by some digital showers include LCD displays and colour coded lights that let you know when the desired water temperature has been reached before you enter the shower.

Panel/Tower Showers

Panel or tower showers add a  luxurious and striking feature to any bathroom. The shower panel can incorporate different shower heads, body jets and controls into one unit, allowing you to choose from an invigorating shower or a more gentle relaxed shower.

Shower Heads & Accessories

 A wide choice of shower heads is available from fixed single heads through to riser rails with a hand held shower head. Many single shower heads are a bulbous shape and usually have a number of spouts that are adjustable to either widen or thin the water spray. Riser Rails with a hand held shower head provide height adjustment and great mobility a popular choice for family bathrooms. The rain shower fixed head style and ceiling mounted shower heads produce an encapsulating water spray and may appeal to those wishing to create a more luxurious showering experience.

Shower Trays

With bathrooms coming in so many variations choosing the size and shape of your shower tray will have an influence on your shower enclosure and door opening and impact on your bathroom space. See our separate guide on shower trays.

Shower Enclosures

The vast range of shower enclosures available creates a wide choice with designs to suit most bathroom shapes and sizes, from small en-suite bathrooms to larger bathrooms with walk in showers or a wet room. Square and rectangular shapes suit geometrical designs, whilst standardand offset quadrants create a  softness to your design. Sliding door enclosures are ideal for small bathrooms or where  space saving is desired. The frameless hinged door type are ideal for creating a contemporary style.

Shower Pumps

Used to help boost water flow to your shower. We offer a range including quiet noise reduction pumps and single, twin and universal outlet pumps to suit different shower types.

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