Double Ended Baths

Looking for an accessible double-ended bath? Look no further! Here at Plumb Warehouse, we stock a wide range of double-ended baths by leading bathroom manufacturers which enables you to enjoy a relaxing soak with your loved one without being stuck at the tap end as the bath tap is situated in the centre of the bath, giving you more room to relax. For over 12 years, we have been the leading provider of durable baths, perfect to complement your bathroom. With us, decorating your bathroom has never been easier! 

We stock a range of double-ended baths in various different sizes and designs so you are sure to find the right doubled ended bath for you here at Plumb Warehouse. Our wide baths are perfect for large bathrooms and we promise they won't disappoint you! Start browsing our selection of double-ended baths today and find the one that will match your bathroom! 

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