Shower Baths

Looking for a shower bath combo? Look no further! Here at Plumb Warehouse, we stock a range of shower baths from leading bathroom manufacturers in various different shapes and sizes so you are sure to find a shower bath suitable for your bathroom. We understand how important it is to get all the details rights and this is why with us, you can now find the exact product that matches your bathroom.  

A bath with shower is the perfect solution if you cannot decide between a bath or a shower enclosure for your bathroom, and incorporates best of both worlds and has a slightly wider end for the shower to still provide a shower enclosure feel, whilst you can still have a relaxing soak in a bath depending on your mood. 

We stock a variety of different shapes including P shaped and L shaped shower baths available in different sizes and styles so you are sure to find the perfect shower bath right here at Plumb Warehouse for an affordable price without compromising on quality. 

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