BWT Liff Limebeater - Compression Fitting 22mm - LBC2-​22V2

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  • Electrolytic scale inhibitor
  • Compact design for easier installation
  • All metal construction for durability
  • High quality finish, ideal for visible installations
  • Suitable for cold and hot water
  • Part L Approved
  • WRAS Approved product
  • Environmentally friendly (no chemicals)


The Liff Limebeater Compact from BWT is a professional quality electrolytic inline scale inhibitor and scale reducer. Designed for easy installation, its compact size and high quality finish makes it ideal for where space is limited or the installation is visible. Requiring no power supply or chemicals, the compact range requires no maintenance and zero chemicals.

How does BWT Liff Limebeater prevent limescale build up? These types of units add minute quantities of metal, usually zinc or iron, to suppress the formation of scale by altering the chemical equilibrium of the water. They also act as sites for scale to precipitate onto, consequently protecting vulnerable heating surfaces like heat exchangers and heating elements. Once water is conditioned by the device, any remaining limescale held in suspension simply passes through the hot water system without sticking to heat exchange surfaces.

Notes: Please do not over tighten fittings or use a pipe wrench on body. Unit must be adequately supported on both sides of the installation and correctly aligned to avoid stress to the unit or joint. Protect from frost!


  • Easy installation - No maintenance

The BWT Liff Limebeater is compact in size, making it ideal for where space is limited or the installation is visible and requires zero maintenance.


  • Cost - effective

Provides whole house or single appliance protection from limescale. This helps ensure that you have fewer problems with household appliances, helping to reduce the amount of money spent on their maintenance.


  • Protect Appliances

Appliances are protected from limescale – helping to prolong and preserve the life of your household appliances, like washing machines, dishwashers, coffee machines and even your central heating boiler.


  • Whole House Protection

Fitting a Limebeater on the cold water feed close to your stopcock will help protect the whole house from the build-​up of limescale. From the heat exchanger in your boiler to the taps in your bedroom, from the washing machine in your utility room to your dishwasher and kettle in the kitchen.


BWT’s Liff Limebeater can provide a cost effective solution whether you are looking for whole house or single appliance protection from limescale. 


Suitable for hot and cold water supplies, the appropriately sized Limebeater can be installed on 22mm horizontal or vertical pipework.


Product features

  • Lenght (mm) - 154
  • Maximun Flow Rate (l/s) - 0,6
  • Max Pressure (Bar) - 10
  • Pipe Size (mm) - 22
  • Fittings - Compression


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