Nuance By Bushboard, Bathroom Wall Panels

Here at Plumb-Warehouse we stock Nuance which is a range of wall panels and work surfaces in a wide range of different designs and textures enabling you to create the bathroom of your dreams and gives you a solid alternative to PVC wall panels and does not require any trims to fit the panels 

With Nuance you are assured of long term quality you can trust with a 15 year guarantee when used with the BB complete. The panels are uniquely manufactured using a patented core that is 100% impenetrable to water. The panels are so versatile that you can use them to create a wetroom, to panel out a shower enclosure, go around a bath or behind a wash basin. Another unique styling point is there are no extrusions just seamless effortless decorative design 

The postformed panels and the standard tongue and grove panels can be linked together to create walk-in wetroom and work with any shower enclosure. You can also finish a wall where ever you like with the versatile 160mm finishing panel, please see below to see what we have to offer;

A) Postformed Panels

The most versatile of nuance panels for shower enclosures and bath panels 

Featured one finished radius edge and one tongue to link to the nuance tongue and grove panels 

Size is 2420 x 1200mm 

B) Tongue and groove panels 600mm

Nuance's tongue and groove panels in 600mm widths offer the flexibility for less waste and less cost 

Size 2420 x 600mm 

C) Tongue and groove panels 1200mm

Nuance's tongue and groove panels in 1200mm widths result in less joints as well as offering the flexibility for less waste and less cost 

Size 2420 x 1200mm 

D)  160mm finishing panels 

This panel allows you to finish a run of the tongue and groove panels vertically with a neat postformed edge detail, instead of using extrusions. It can also be used as an upstand or splashback . 

Size 2420 x 160m one finished radius edge and one tongue 

E) Featured Panels 

With 2 pre-finished edges, the ideal panel to finish behind WCs and wash basins its especially good for cloakrooms, ensuites and can be used to create a feature wall for a walk-through shower in the center of your bathroom

Size 2420 x 580mm with 2 finished radius edges 

Nuance panels are waterproof so do not require trims. However if you have a preference to use them they are also available 

BB complete is technically superior and was originally developed for the air craft industry, as it's flexible, super strong and will not shrink or break down like silicone based products. Its so good Nuance insist that its used with their panels to validate your guarantee 

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