Pump Mounting Pad Noise Reducer

Noisy Shower Pump? Plumb Warehouse are pleased to offer the Pump Mat which is specifically designed to reduce the noise from shower pumps

PumpMat - Sound Absorption for Noisy Shower Pumps

£29.99 Inc VAT Ex Tax: £24.99

High Performance Sound Absorption Specifically designed to reduce the noise fromNoisy Shower Pumps Fits easily beneath the pump and can be fitted retrospectively Size 300mm x 200mm x 25mm thick (can be cut to size but for best results leave whole) Us...

Quiet Pad - Sound Reducing Pad

£19.99 Inc VAT Ex Tax: £16.66

Quiet Pad - Sound Absorption PadMultipurpose vibration reduction sound absorption padMade from high performance sound absorbing foam with a self adhesive backing.Size 180 x 200 x 20mm thickIdea for helping reduce noise from vibrating power tools, off...

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