With some 12 years’ experience supplying the very best bathroom and shower products around, it’s safe to say that the Plumb Warehouse team know a thing or two about the plumbing brands that make our bathrooms and kitchens truly spectacular. However, without equipment like shower pumps, commercial pumps, whole home pumps, portable pumps, submersible pumps, shower waste pumps, pump accessories and flanges, even the most stylish shower, bathroom and kitchen products are, well, rather pointless.

We have a huge choice of pumps for you to choose from, and with the very best brands at our disposal – including Techflow, Stuart Turner, Grundfos, Mira, Aqualisa and Salamander – you can find the missing piece of the puzzle so your bathroom, kitchen or shower room upgrade can go ahead as planned. To complement the exciting selection of showers that we offer, you can choose from single outlet, twin outlet, universal, quiet and waste shower pumps, whilst our commercial pumps present a cost effective and efficient solution for large scale premises. Please See Water Boosting Pump Systems, Pressure & Pump Types Explained Below.

Water pressure issues within your property can also become a thing of the past thanks to our whole home pumps.

We deliver a wide range of flanges and pump accessories to unlock further advantages for your home or business property. The PumpMat is particularly cutting edge and uses the latest anti-vibration technology to absorb the noise produced by shower pumps – perfect for creating a tranquil bath time experience.

Explore the categories detailed below to view our range of high quality pumps and pump accessories.