Electric Showers

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Plumb Warehouse is pleased to offer a range of White Electric Showers by Triton, Aqualisa and Mira

Electric showers heat the water as you go, meaning they only need a cold water supply to work and are ready to go without you having to heat water first. This can be good for your energy bills, as no unnecessary water heating goes on, and it’s a real bonus if your boiler breaks down.

On the downside, electric showers do tend to have a weaker flow than mixer and power showers, although some come with an integral pump to help to combat this problem. You also need to watch out for limescale build-up - a common problem with electric showers.

The power of electric showers is generally between 8.5kW and 10.8kW - the higher the value, the more powerful the shower. It’s best to get your electric shower installed by an expert as the high-power electrical element needs to be connected to a separate fused electrical supply circuit. To find out more, read our guide on how to install an electric shower.

With regular electric showers, the water may get very hot if the cold water supply is being used elsewhere in your house. Thermostatic electric showers can control the water temperature to within about 1-2°C of the temperature you need, so they’re a better bet if other people or appliances often use water when you're having a shower.

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