Tapworks Water Softeners 

Tapworks is the world's market leader in water softeners.  They offer an easy-to-access 7- year product guarantee. 

Why choose Plumb Warehouse

Online Bathroom Specialist Plumb-Warehouse offers a range of Tapworks water softeners:

  1. Their water softeners use up to 80% less salt than competing brands making them efficient to run too.
  2. Their water softeners offer excellent value and superb quality.
  3. They are easy to install.

EasyFlow Water Softeners from Tapworks - the total solution to hard water problems, in a box!

Here at Plumb Warehouse, we stock the New range including the NSC9PRO which replaces the Ultra 9, the NSC11PRO which replaces the ADll, the NSC14PRO which replaces the Infinity Model, and the NSC4218 which replaces the NSC40UD1.

Tapworks water softeners 10 reasons to buy one:

  1. These water softeners have been available at builders and plumbers merchants for over 20 years in the UK.
  2. Very reliable, they are loved by plumbers who can fit them and then forget them.
  3. Because they protect appliances and give them a longer life these water softeners can actually pay for themselves over the years. They reduce the scale build-up and reduce the need for unnecessary repairs.
  4. They can reduce fuel costs and save on energy by reducing the build-up of scale on heating elements.
  5. Softer water means you can reduce the amount of soap, shampoo, and detergent you use.
  6. Softer water is kinder to fabrics as less detergent scum is left behind.
  7. Softer water leaves fewer deposits behind making your skin and hair silky and shinier.
  8. Some people report improvements in dry skin conditions such as eczema.
  9. Less cleaning and lower use of harsh cleaning products mean it's better for the environment.
  10. Protects your investment when buying a new bathroom or kitchen suite.

If you have any questions or need advice about Tapworks Water Softeners or any of our products give us a call on 01926 327 776

Tapworks NSC11PRO Water Softener

£581.99 Inc VAT Ex Tax: £484.99

Tapworks NSC14PRO Water Softener

£834.00 Inc VAT Ex Tax: £695.00

TapWorks NSC9PRO Water Softener

£599.99 Inc VAT Ex Tax: £499.99