Tapworks Water Softeners

EasyFlow Water Softeners from Tapworks - the total solution to hard water problems, in a box ! Here at Plumb warehouse we stock the Ultra 9, AD11, Infinity Easyflow and the NSC 40UD1. 

Tapworks Infinity EasyFlow Water Softener

£706.20 £875.00 Inc VAT Ex Tax: £588.50

Tapworks Infinity EasyFlow is suitable for the busiest of households but compact to conveniently fit in a kitchen cupboard. Its capacity is suitable for up to 9 people and can make an ideal choice if you are short on space and have variable water usa...

Tapworks Northstar Water Softener NSC 40 UD1 including Full Installation kit

£1,259.50 Inc VAT Ex Tax: £1,049.59

This heavy duty water softener is perfect for light commercial use. It has a flow rate of 83 litres a minute.Heavy duty residential or light commercial water softener Ideal for a broad range of uses including guest houses, pubs, restaurants, nursing...

TapWorks Ultra 9 EasyFlow Water Softener

£588.50 Inc VAT Ex Tax: £490.41

Tapworks Ulta 9 EasyFlow Water SoftenerThe benefits of water softeners are numerous, giving you softer skin and smoother hair. Bright clothing (No, don't go in the shower dressed) and more.Electronic Proportional Salting System with Genius Chip Maxi...

TapWorks AD11 EasyFlow Water Softener with the new Tapworks Universal High-flow valve kit

£431.99 Inc VAT Ex Tax: £359.99

The Tapworks AD11 Easyflow Water Softener is a popular family water softener that eradicates hard water problems, after installation the AD11 will transform hard water into clean soft water. Buy the TapWorks AD11 EasyFlow Water Softener direct from ...

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