Towel Warmers Buyers Guide

Towel warmers are a great multi functional addition to any bathroom, ideal for providing warmth to a bathroom whilst drying and warming towels ready for use as you step out of the shower or bath.

For small bathrooms and en suite bathrooms a single towel warmer may be ideal, whilst in a larger bathroom the addition of a towel warmer to an existing system or as a stand alone item may be the best option.

Before choosing your towel warmer it is best to establish the BTU required , the higher the BTU the more powerful and  effective your heater will be.

The wall space available may  also affect  your choice however there is a vast range available. Flat towel warmers are slim line making them ideal for  smaller spaces, curved towel warmers are better suited to large bathrooms where the extra space makes it easier to hang a large number of towels.

Ladder style  towel warmers are good for hanging multiple towels however they may not be the best choice for family bathrooms where small children may put their hands onto the hot towel warmer.

Considering  when and how often the towel warmer will be used  may help your final choice.  A dual fuel option can be great for the summer  allowing the towel warmer to be used without  having to use rest of the heating system, however  remember you will need both plumbing and a mains electrical supply for this option. If you are choosing  a towel warmer for use with an existing  plumbed hot water system  the addition of thermostatic valves may help. Electric only towel warmers  can have thermostatic controls to help  maintain room temperature levels and anti freeze  functions helping prevent damage from frozen pipes.

Towel warmers are available in a range of shapes and sizes to suit either traditional or contemporary bathroom styles and finishes include stylish chrome or traditional white. We recommend your chosen towel warmer is fitted by a professional plumber or electrician. 

What ever style of towel warmer you are looking for we hope you will find in our comprehensive range.

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