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Barber Wilsons Finishes

Barber Wilsons is the ultimate company for sleek and elegant designed taps and showers. Their living finishes offer a choice of finishes which you can see below. Also you can read advice on the care and maintenance of Barber Wilsons products. ALL FINISHES POLISHED BRASS (PB) Polished Brass matures naturally over time ​as a thin layer of the metal oxidises and tarnishes the surface​. Treatment of a living finish is down to personal taste; some prefer to maintain a bright shiny finish and others favour an aged appearance. BRUSHED BRASS... Read More

Bathroom Wall Panel Benefits 20/06/2022

What Are The Benefits of Bathroom Wall Panels?

Bathroom wall panels, also sometimes called cladding, are becoming an increasingly popular way to decorate bathrooms.  This short blog looks at the reasons for this. Wall panels are large sheets that can be cut to size and slotted together. They come in a variety of materials and a wide variety of finishes. They are strong and long-lasting. And of course, they are waterproof. The benefits of wall panels are Scale: the scale of each panel is immediately impressive. For example, a marble effect panel looks far more ‘grand’ than covering... Read More

bathroom 20/06/2022

Small Bathroom Ideas & Designs on a budget

A small bathroom is a perfect place to start your remodelling design if you have recently moved into your new home. People who rent the space look for easy and affordable solutions to utilize the space in the bathroom so that it looks presentable. It is a recognized belief that it is difficult to design a small bathroom as it may look messy and untidy but if you jog your creative insights, you will be able to find design ideas which are outside of your comfort zone but workable as... Read More

quality-bathrooms 20/06/2022

Why to Choose Quality Over Price When It Comes to Your Bathroom

Whatever your budget, quality matters when it comes to refurbishing your bathroom, and whether it is your family bathroom, en-suite or shower room that requires attention, affordable quality can be achieved along with a beautiful finish that your neighbours will be envious of. Your bathroom suite in particular must have quality at its heart, selecting quality fittings and fixtures after all is a sure fire way to ensure your bathroom stands the test of time, even if the design of your décor undergoes a few changes here and there. As... Read More

luxury-bathrooms 20/06/2022

Luxury Bathrooms – Choosing Quality Products That Won’t Break the Bank

As well as being practical and functional for all the family, your bathroom should be your personal sanctuary, a relaxing escape from the stresses and strains that go hand-in-hand with everyday life. Adding a little luxury to your bathroom certainly goes a long way however when you’re on a budget, you may think that choosing quality products that make your bathroom look and feel opulent isn’t an option. Think again! Creating a luxury bathroom full of quality products that won’t break the bank but will stand the test of time... Read More

small-bathroom-struggles 20/06/2022

Small Bathrooms Struggles and How to Solve Them

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, but if your bathroom is on the smaller side, then you may have your work cut out when making it into the practical, functional and stylish space it needs to be. Here at Plumb Warehouse, we encounter customers looking to refurbish bathrooms big and small, so understand the design dilemmas that people face at both ends of the spectrum. The struggles of those with small bathrooms however tend to outweigh those with bigger spaces to fill, but as the saying goes good things... Read More

Bathroom Refurbish Post 20/06/2022

3 Signs It’s Time to Refurbish Your Bathroom!

Achieving domestic bliss in the décor department of any home is a challenge, whether you are starting out with a blank canvas or have to undertake some serious renovation work. The family bathroom in particular needs lots of tender loving care as one of the most used rooms in the average home, and without the right updates your bathroom could not only fall behind in the style stakes but become an impractical space that is something of a nightmare to use.  Achieving a functional and quite frankly fabulously designed bathroom... Read More

Bathroom Televisions Post Promo 20/06/2022

TV in the Bathroom – Yay or Ney?

There are so many gadgets and gizmos out there that are designed to make modern life a little easier. Whilst your bathroom is all about practicality – is it fully equipped to handle your family’s chaotic morning routine? Can you get a quick shower before you shoot off to work? Is your bath big enough for those rare moments where you can enjoy a long soak? – adding a few touches of luxury here and there can’t hurt. When it comes to luxury bathrooms, nothing says ‘extravagance’ like a bathroom... Read More