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Plumb Warehouse are pleased to offer a selection of water softeners.

  • BWT Water Softeners
  • Tapworks Water Softeners

If you live in a hard water area a water softener is an ideal way to soften the water. 

Benefits of using a water softener include:

  • Less scum and scale build up
  • Protection for appliances, pipes and plumbing (Less limescale build up)
  • Using less soap and detergents
  • Silkier hair and softer skin
  • Fewer dish stains
  • More efficient laundry
  • Better tasting water

Water softeners use salt to remove hard minerals. As water passes through filters the hardness minerals are removed making the water softer, making soap and detergents more effective as well as preventing the build up of scale and scum in pipes and appliances.

By purchasing a water softener you may save money in the long run by extending the life cycle of your kitchen and bathroom appliances and reducing plumbing issues. Added to this are the benefits of the better tasting water and healthier skin and hair.

Choosing the right water softener:

Water softeners come in various sizes and with different hoses diameters.

If you would like advice  or help in choosing the right water softener for your needs, Plumb Warehouse can help you.

Call: 01296 327 776 and one of our helpful staff will be more than willing to assist.

Alternatively email us: sales@plumb-warehouse.co.uk and we will get back to you.