3 Signs It’s Time to Refurbish Your Bathroom!

Achieving domestic bliss in the décor department of any home is a challenge, whether you are starting out with a blank canvas or have to undertake some serious renovation work. The family bathroom in particular needs lots of tender loving care as one of the most used rooms in the average home, and without the right updates your bathroom could not only fall behind in the style stakes but become an impractical space that is something of a nightmare to use. 

Achieving a functional and quite frankly fabulously designed bathroom space is easy and affordable however with our wide selection of premium bathroom products, but how can you be sure that your bathroom needs a much needed overhaul? Read on to discover the top three signs that say it’s time to refurbish your bathroom.

You describe your bathroom as ‘antique’

There’s no need for an outdated bathroom in this day and age, and even in more traditional, period properties, having all the modern conveniences at your disposal is a must. If you find yourself describing your bathroom as ‘antique’ you may want to bring it into the 21stcentury. Rusty faucets, chipped tile work and inefficient sanitary-ware isn’t charming, it’s just an inconvenience. Swapping your current, outdated suite fora shiny new one is simple, and there are a variety of stunning styles out there to choose from, whether you want to create an ultra-modern look or opt for something more traditional to ensure your bathroom is in keeping with the rest of your home.

The same sentiment applies to your bathroom’s décor, after all why would you update the bath, shower, toilet and basin without giving those walls a lick of paint? If you feel that a trip to the bathroom is a lot like stepping into a time machine and travelling back to the 1970s, then it’s probably time for a makeover. Go the whole hog with a full re-tile and new flooring or keep things simple and on budget by switching up your bathrooom accessories and renewing its paint work to hit refresh on your bathroom space.

Your bathroom just isn’t functional

If your bathroom is constantly cluttered and disorganised, a bathroom refurbishment may provide the overhaul you need to get things on track once more. There are lots of smart storage solutions available for bathrooms big and small, whilst altering your bathroom’s layout may also make it a much more practical space for you and your family.

Even if your bathroom worked for you once, circumstances change and so does what you need from your bathroom, especially with a growing family in tow. Modernising your bathroom will ensure your space can suit your needs appropriately, whether changes involve installing a much more spacious bathtub or adding another sink to make mornings a little less chaotic. On the other hand, your children flying the nest could also provide the perfect excuse for a well-timed bathroom refurbishment. With the right products and a bit of time, you can turn your bathroom from a busy family hub to a peaceful, adults-only sanctuary.

You want to maximise your property’s appeal

Whether you are thinking of upping sticks and moving to pastures new now or in the future, upgrading the facilities and features in your bathroom can make perfect sense for you and prospective buyers. A new bathroom is a great investment if you are planning to move. A bathroom with a great suite, a practical layout, excellent storage and beautiful décor will certainly be appreciated by buyers and could even up the value of your property.

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