TV in the Bathroom – Yay or Ney?

There are so many gadgets and gizmos out there that are designed to make modern life a little easier. Whilst your bathroom is all about practicality – is it fully equipped to handle your family’s chaotic morning routine? Can you get a quick shower before you shoot off to work? Is your bath big enough for those rare moments where you can enjoy a long soak? – adding a few touches of luxury here and there can’t hurt.

When it comes to luxury bathrooms, nothing says ‘extravagance’ like a bathroom TV, but this tech staple isn’t just reserved for plush celebrity pads! Here we explore whether bathroom TVs are a luxury or a household necessity.

The pros of bathroom TVs…

A TV can provide a constant source of entertainment in any room of your home, and whilst traditionally reserved for your living space, including televisions in bathrooms and kitchens is becoming increasingly popular, wherever you go in the world. For those prepping dinner alone, a kitchen TV is a great addition but what benefits can integrating a television into your bathroom interior unlock?

Just like your kitchen, your bathroom is a place where you tend to spend a lot of time alone – for the obvious reasons – and with a bathroom TV that alone time doesn’t have to be shrouded in silence. With a bathroom TV installed you will always have company! This small design choice can make all the difference to making your house feel like a home, whether you want to keep the kids entertained during bath time or catch up on your favourite TV show while enjoying a long soak.

…and the cons

Installing a bathroom TV may seem like an unnecessary design choice that is more of a hassle than a privilege to enjoy. When thinking of bathroom TV installation, the process may seemcomplicated, especially when it comes down to the required electrical supply, but unbeknown to many, the latest bathroom television sets are extremely easy to install. The safety factor – it’s common knowledge that water and electricity don’t mix – may also deter you from incorporating a TV into your bathroom, and whilst it’s true that homeowners must take extra care, the features available from bathroom TVs make achieving optimum safety simple.

In addition to being functional spaces for all the family, the majority of householders also want to achieve an aesthetically pleasing finish in their bathrooms, but could adding a bathroom TV disrupt your mission? Many interior designers steer clear of bathroom TVs for that very reason and whilst many of the latest models look like stunning pieces of tech, breaking up the clean lines of your bathroom interior with a large, rectangular gadget isn’t for everyone.

Is a bathroom TV right for me?

Weighing up the pros and cons of bathroom TVs comes down to one thing – your design preference. With the right know-how you can incorporate a TV seamlessly and enjoy a beautifully decorated, practically designed bathroom space.

If you decide to go for a bathroom TV, then choosing the position of your television carefully is a must. Your bathroom TV should enhance the comfort and luxury of your bathroom, not detract from it. Whether you are making your bathroom TV viewable from the tub or shower, striking the balance between technology and tranquillity is important, after all there may be times where you want to sit back and relax without any distractions. Going for a bathroom TV model that offers a low profile look is easy, and bathroom TV screens get thinner and thinner each year to ensure that desired, mounted flush finish can be achieved.

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