Luxury Bathrooms – Choosing Quality Products That Won’t Break the Bank

As well as being practical and functional for all the family, your bathroom should be your personal sanctuary, a relaxing escape from the stresses and strains that go hand-in-hand with everyday life. Adding a little luxury to your bathroom certainly goes a long way however when you’re on a budget, you may think that choosing quality products that make your bathroom look and feel opulent isn’t an option. Think again!

Creating a luxury bathroom full of quality products that won’t break the bank but will stand the test of time is possible. In addition to shopping with us for premium, competitively priced bathroom products from the best brands around, there are a number of budget-friendly steps you can take to create a bathroom that screams luxury. 

Keep your décor chic and simple

Brash colours and garish patterns certainly have a place in the history of bathroom design but these days nothing says luxury more than a simple and sophisticated colour palette. A designer bathroom look can be achieved with light hues, whilst the refreshing glow of grey, beige or another neutral tone instantly creates a feeling of space.

Many individuals wishing to inject some more personality into their designer bathroom choose to decorate part of their bathroom with wallpaper. There are many sophisticated wallpaper styles that can be utilised to complement your tilework and provide a long lasting and beautiful finish. 

Make storage stylish too

Your bathroom storage is an integral part of making your space as functional as possible, after all we all need space for our collection of toiletries and cosmetics. Storage solutions don’t have to be uninspiring however, and can in fact add a touch of luxury that you didn’t think was possible. The use of quality open shelving in particular is an excellent way to increase storage space whilst adding detail, depth and character to spaces of all shapes and sizes.

Choose your sanitaryware carefully

Your suite is one staple that is unlikely to change for quite some time within your bathroom, even if your interior design wants change with the seasons. There is a huge variety of bathroom suite styles to choose from and by selecting a great quality suite that complements your wider property, you can enjoy a timeless and luxurious finish, whatever your current décor preferences. 

Embrace a few tiling tricks

Your choice of tiling can provide another route to added luxury but it isn’t just selecting a high quality tile product in your preferred size and style that requires attention. Tiling from floor to ceiling, and even on the ceiling, is a tact taken in many designer bathrooms and can be achieved on a budget too. Choosing complete tile coverage can make both traditional and modern bathrooms feel high end. 

Many luxurious designer bathrooms incorporate partial tiling rather than the entire bathroom being tiled part way up or the complete tile job mentioned previously. By tiling one or two walls, or one wall and the floor, fully using stone you can enjoy a luxurious finish on a small budget and make a statement.

Don’t forget to accessorise!

Your choice of accessories is an easy way to add luxury to large bathrooms and those on the smaller side. As well as towel rails, shelves, soap dishes, toothbrush holders and soap dispensers, larger accessories like mirrors can add an amazing finishing touch. Choosing a large mirror for your bathroom not only cuts the cost of tiling, its size will create an illusion of extended space in any bathroom, not to mention a deluxe finish.

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