Small Bathroom Ideas & Designs on a budget

A small bathroom is a perfect place to start your remodelling design if you have recently moved into your new home. People who rent the space look for easy and affordable solutions to utilize the space in the bathroom so that it looks presentable. It is a recognized belief that it is difficult to design a small bathroom as it may look messy and untidy but if you jog your creative insights, you will be able to find design ideas which are outside of your comfort zone but workable as well. A small bathroom can be decorated with some of the all-time favourite tricks like graphic wallpapers, installing multi-angle backshells and bringing colourful rugs in order to complement the beauty of your bathroom. 

In this article, we will give you some of the basic design ideas which are cost-effective to revamp your small bathroom:

  1. Use of Statement Pieces
    The need for investing resources and money in remodelling a bathroom in a rented house is useless. Instead, you can go into the market and buy some statement decoration pieces of your choice. They will not enhance the beauty of your bathroom but you can also take them to your next home if you intend to change the place. The idea of using the folklore trend, calming soft grey decoration pieces and metallic which look cool in an ordinary bathroom.

  2. Paint the Ceiling
    Painting the ceiling in a bold or bright colour might be an unknown idea for many of us but it does not only fall under your budget but can also be a trendsetting endeavour by giving a multi-dimension bathroom. If you are an artist, you might as well find your ceiling a canvas to your new abstract art painting. You can add up a couple of small house plants to stark the contrast in your bathroom as well. Make sure to keep your plants on the window so they can get proper sunlight as well. Walls which are painted in stoneware, tomato tango, and bright orange will brighten the appearance of your bathroom.  

  3. Add Charming Colored Shutters
    Shutters add beauty to your conventional bathroom design and gives it a personalized look. You can also paint your shutters in concurrence with the ceiling paints. You can choose bright colours and it will give a glowing contrasting look. Go creative by designing your own shutters as it will cost you much less than buying decorated shutters from the market. 

  4. Bathroom Storage
    A small bathroom often doesn’t have proper arrangements for wall adornment apart from storage cabinets for your bathing essentials. This is an opportunity for you to make an appealing feature design that is also within your budget. You can either go DIY by designing your own shelves with wood or can buy cheaper ones from the market. They can be mounted against the walls of the bathroom. You can all work out with decorating ideas of candles, fragrances or plants as per your taste.

  5. Go Green Upgrades
    While designing your bathroom, you should also consider the environment around you. You can use options which are eco-friendly like low flow toilets, shower head, and sinks which will help you preserve water. The traditional and water-saving tools often cost the same, sometimes less than the usual ones. Moreover, it will save you money as well with respect to your water utility bill. Using recycled material is also one way to contribute towards a green environment and for will cost you much less than using new materials. For instance, mason jars can be easily converted into soap dispensers or used wooden planks into shelves. 

  6. Are Tiles Necessary?
    Installing tiles are expensive and you have to hire a private contractor for a fixture. You should try to separate areas where tiles are necessary like floors or shower stall. It is also a good idea to use tiles on one of the horizontal stripes which make them useful. You can paint the rest of the portion. You can also contrast some of the artistic tiles along with the simple ones to make your bathroom stylish.

  7. Enlarge Mirrors
    You can place a large mirror sheet on the medicine cabinet of the bathroom. Interior designers suggest that it will brighten with the easy and affordable option which gives an illusion that even a smaller room larger in size. 

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