Small Bathrooms Struggles and How to Solve Them

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, but if your bathroom is on the smaller side, then you may have your work cut out when making it into the practical, functional and stylish space it needs to be. Here at Plumb Warehouse, we encounter customers looking to refurbish bathrooms big and small, so understand the design dilemmas that people face at both ends of the spectrum. The struggles of those with small bathrooms however tend to outweigh those with bigger spaces to fill, but as the saying goes good things come in small packages.

Read on to discover the common bathroom struggles faced by those with smaller spaces and find out just what you have to do to solve them. 

There’s no room to move

This is a very common issue for owners of small bathrooms but with a little layout redesign you can make your bathroom space work for you, even during those chaotic morning rushes. Often even the position of sanitaryware essentials like your basin or toilet can disrupt the flow of traffic in smaller bathrooms, but choosing the style and size of these sanitaryware basics can make all the difference. Opting for a corner sink instead of a full pedestal basin can provide the ultimate space saving solution and open up your bathroom for an airier finish. For those looking for an even more cutting edge design, trough sinks are excellent options as well as effective space saving solutions.

There’s no storage space available

Filling your space with cabinets and vanity tables just isn’t an option in smaller bathrooms but by making some smart choices on your upcoming bathroom furniture shopping trip you can free up some much needed storage even if space is thin on the ground. Wall mounted vanity furniture is a great choice for small bathrooms; as well as providing essential storage for cosmetics and cleaning products, floating vanity furniture can unlock a feeling of space. 

If your sink and toilet sit side by side on the same wall, then an extended countertop can also work wonders. This arrangement not only looks stylish, especially if your counter is made of trendy stone or rustic wood, it provides extra space for those extra items that you struggle to place yet need at your disposal, like toiletries.

The design of my bathroom is bland

Many small bathroom owners think creating a feeling of space means sticking to magnolia but unbeknown to many you can let your creativity run wild whilst still reaping the rewards of an expanded space illusion. Large scale patterns work particularly well with wide stripes the weapon of choice for many savvy small bathroom decorators. The wide stripes trick the eye into seeing a larger space and look pretty awesome too!

Creating the feeling of space doesn’t stop at your décor, your choice of accessories and fixings can make a big impact also. Mirrors that stretch across an entire wall, rather than just the length of the vanity, elongate small spaces, whilst opting for a glass shower panel rather than a more traditional enclosure with door will make your bathroom look bigger and free up some much needed elbow room.

My towel rail always gets in the way

Even the most stylishly designed towel rails can be clunky and take up highly prized wall space to make small bathrooms appear even smaller. Whilst you shouldn’t skip this accessory essential, switching up the location of your towel rail could provide the answer you’ve been searching for. Choosing a shower door or glass panel with a mounted towel bar is particularly handy when space is at a minimum.

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