Spare parts for Barber Wilsons Taps and Showers

Plumb Warehouse can supply replacement parts for Barber Wilsons products.

Part of the beauty of owning premium taps and showers is the quality of the manufacturing. Our taps and shower from Barber Wilsons are no exception. Their products are manufactured in the UK to the highest quality.

Replacement Seals

However, the seals in the valves inside the taps are still susceptible to limescale. Limescale builds up over time and will eventually stop the seal from working properly. When that happens, the tap will eventually start to drip.

The best way to cure the problem is to fit new cartridges and/or O-rings inside the tap or shower. This is a simple process which can be carried out by anyone with moderate DIY skills or of course by a plumber.

If you think you might need replacement parts for your Barber Wilsons please do contact us.

Although we do not list the spare parts on our website, we have good relationship with Barber Wilsons.  We can usually source replacement cartridges from them and also replacement o-rings if they are required. We can do this even for very old taps.

It is best if we know the model and the year purchased.  If not, we may ask for photographs so that we can help identify the product.

So if your tap or shower does develop a drip, please contact us here to see if we can help.

Our full range of Barber Wilsons products is shown here.

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