What Are The Benefits of Bathroom Wall Panels?

Bathroom wall panels, also sometimes called cladding, are becoming an increasingly popular way to decorate bathrooms.  This short blog looks at the reasons for this.

Wall panels are large sheets that can be cut to size and slotted together. They come in a variety of materials and a wide variety of finishes. They are strong and long-lasting. And of course, they are waterproof.

The benefits of wall panels are

Scale: the scale of each panel is immediately impressive. For example, a marble effect panel looks far more ‘grand’ than covering the same area with marble effect tiles.

Easy to fit: a single wall panel can cover 2.7 square meters. The time taken to put one up is quick compared to say tiling the same area. The panels can be stuck over the existing wall covering (as long as it is flat, clean and sound) – they do not need a frame in the way that plasterboard would.

Easy to keep clean: Each panel can simply be wiped clean. The panels and joining trims do not discolour over time in the way that grout between tiles does.

Ease of fitting things to: it is simple to drill into wall panels to fit shelves, towel rails, sinks etc. One of the issues with tiles is that they can be difficult to drill through – even with the correct drill bits.

Cost: Both the cost of the products and the cost of installation are reduced compared to installing tiles.

The benefits above compare fitting wall panels to their most common rival – tiles. There are also some benefits to using tiles that may be worth considering. Tiles offer more flexibility – there is greater scope for creative expression. So, if creating something unique is important, tiles may well be a better answer.

Wall panels at Plumb-Warehouse.co.uk

Plumb-Warehouse sells a wide range of panels to suit different tastes and different budgets.  Our range of bathroom wall panels is shown here.

The brands of wall panels we sell are



Aqua Panel


Nuance by Bushboard

We also sell a full range of wall panel adhesives and sealants as well as corner trims, joint trims and end trims.   

For more information on our wall panels or for advice on your requirements, please contact us.

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