Why to Choose Quality Over Price When It Comes to Your Bathroom

Whatever your budget, quality matters when it comes to refurbishing your bathroom, and whether it is your family bathroom, en-suite or shower room that requires attention, affordable quality can be achieved along with a beautiful finish that your neighbours will be envious of. Your bathroom suite in particular must have quality at its heart, selecting quality fittings and fixtures after all is a sure fire way to ensure your bathroom stands the test of time, even if the design of your décor undergoes a few changes here and there.

As specialist suppliers of premium bathroom products, we certainly know a thing or two about quality, and as a result we stock only the best brands. Our collection of bathroom products and accessories uses the highest quality materials and cutting edge design to unlock a bevy of benefits for our customers, but whilst we always recommend choosing quality over price when it comes to your bathroom, quality doesn’t have to cost the Earth. Here our experts provide essential advice on how to shop for your sanitaryware staples whilst embracing quality and staying bang on budget.


As the centrepiece of the average family bathroom, shopping for a bath is an important task, but with so many models available, choosing one that is high quality and affordable isn’t easy. When shopping for a bath, never do so on a whim, do your research to ensure the one you choose is the right one. Consider the bathtub type that is more fitting to your bathroom space. If you are on a budget, opting for a built-in bath may be more economical than choosing the freestanding option. Built-in baths also save on space, which is great for those with bathrooms that are on the smaller side. In addition to this, a combined bath and shower offers two quality fixtures for the price of one. 

Your material choice will also make all the difference when achieving the best quality bathroom for your budget. Modern acrylic bathtubs are great options for those looking for better quality and these models actually conduct heat more efficiently than old fashioned steel varieties.


As one of the most heavily used features in the bathroom, your sink or basin is another aspect that requires careful consideration. As well as finding a basin that offers a great focal point, carefully selecting the style, shape and size will ensure you find a bathroom sink that you love to look at and use every single day. Choosing a quality basin should be high on your list of priorities, whilst your tap selection will ensure quality translates stylishly in any bathroom space. Whether you are opting for a countertop, semi-recessed, wall mounted, semi pedestal or full pedestal sink, look for a basin that utilises robust materials. 


Every aspect of your shower unit should be made to last. In addition to conquering the shower basics and understanding which water system and shower type is right for you, your bathroom and your budget, the use of good quality and easy to use fittings like your bath shower mixer, tray and enclosure is a vital part of the puzzle. 


The toilet is an absolute essential in any bathroom, and from family bathrooms to shower rooms and en-suites, choosing a toilet is a matter of functionality. There are very few low priced, good quality toilets available, and being wary of the ones that are cheaply priced is integral to your search for the perfect throne. It is possible however to find a quality, reasonably priced toilet that complements the style of your bathroom. 

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